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I started writing when I was really little because I have a tendency to love telling stories just as much as (more than?) I love living them. I was sixteen when I wrote a manuscript that won the National Novel Silver Award from Scholastic Books (yay! maybe my stories are *decent*), and went on to minor in creative writing at North Carolina State University. I write books about the world we live in, inspired by my experiences (and yes, my friends - sorry friends) growing up in Montgomery County, MD. I believe a lot in people and what all of us are capable of, and maybe that’s why I love creating big characters who are steadfastly determined to change their own little parts of the world.

When I'm not writing, I'm a marketer - which means I can justify long Twitter-scrolling sessions as “research.” And I'm kind of obsessed with traveling. And funny people and food that tastes really, really good. Also Target and West Elm, for now - because I have a new house! And reality TV forever - because it's amazing.

I also have my MBA from Emory University and a digital marketing certificate from Cornell. But none of these educational endeavors taught me how to effectively write a biography and so, for that reason, I'm gonna stop now. 

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