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Advice: Self-care Sundays

Ok, so there doesn’t really need to be a guide for this (legit, it’s probably the easiest thing to do), but here’s one, anyway, because I am all about idea-sharing, and this is a fundamental one. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Mentally, too. It’s rough out there, people.

So every once in a while, you need a day off, where you really do just relax, watch Netflix, and treat yourself to something you really want. I’ve decided that day for you is going to be THIS SUNDAY. I know. It sneaks up on you.

But this Sunday is gonna be your day. Congratulations! No calorie counting, no sneaking work emails, and NO Sunday Scaries. Thank you, next!

So here we go! Because you deserve it. Because you do what you want. And because, if you’re anything like me, naps are your love language.

First of all, you need to sleep…

The most important part of this whole shebang is SLEEP. So silence your cell phone, and stuff it under your pillow, and shut the blinds allll morning. Let your body CHILL. If you want to wake up at 12pm, do that. It’s a lazy Sunday, and there are no rules on when to wake up around here, aside from the fact that it just can’t be early. And should also probably be before, you know, Monday. Because there are other things on this list that you deserve to do before an office chair is calling your name again.

Eat (order?) absolutely everything you want

Also, to be clear: there are no rules this Sunday when it comes to food. If you want to have chocolate cake for breakfast, go for it. And if you’re a fan of a meal delivery (which goes without saying because eating in pajamas is always ideal), then now is the time to do that, too. Delivery instructions: bring it up please. I’m not moving.

Binge watch a series

You know what it’s like when you start a series on Netflix, and just get hooked right away. Sundays are for getting through at least five hours of said series, so that you spend all of Monday trying to sloppily explain to people what happened in The Staircase without giving anything away. Spoiler alert: you will always give way too much away.

Catch up on reading

YOU GUYS KNOW I LOVE BOOKS. When you work all day, it’s hard to get home and use your brain some more (Real Housewives, here I come!). So use this Sunday to open a book and cuddle in a blanket and learn something new! And then finish The Staircase.

Spa day anyone?

Sunday is also undoubtedly the day for face masks, manicures, pedicures, taking a bath… you name it. If it’s going to make you look and feel, amazing on Monday, then let’s go with that. Let your nails dry while you read your book, because you are a multi-tasker and self-care superstar.

Got it? We’re taking care of ourselves this weekend? Yes? Good.

Happy napping!

Xo Charlene

**This post was a collabo and may contain some affiliate links.

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