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Mystery Blogger Award

sounds ominous, no?

Well, in actuality, it’s an award going around the blogosphere (did I use that term right?) and symbolizes the following:

This is “an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.

And, to my surprise, I received a nomination (!!) from Stephanie of “late night reflecting,” who has a blog I’ve been loving ever since I first discovered it. (Thanks again, Stephanie! 🙂)

Now, as a highly experienced blogger (I’ve literally been doing this for a few weeks now!), I’ve seen other bloggers I admire posting about these kinds of awards, but was never expecting to get any real attention from the blogosphere (please let that term mean a sphere full of blogs) after two months in the game.

So, first and foremost: thank you all so much for visiting this site and for your words of encouragement. The only thing I love more than writing is to be read.

That said, let’s tackle this whole Mystery Blogger Award, shall we?

Here’s what I’m supposed to do next:

  1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog

  2. Tell your readers three things about yourself

  3. Nominate bloggers you feel deserve the award

  4. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you

  5. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny one

  6. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

So, first, I’ll say another big thank you to Stephanie for the nomination and for creating a kick ass blog.

Next, in addition to all the facts about me that I basically word-vomitted onto this site so far (and into my first post), here are three more things I can share:

  1. I’m pretty much not on social media. I haven’t been on Facebook for years, I’m not on Instagram, I’m not on Snapchat. I’m this weird hodgepodge of extremely private and shamelessly open because I’m a multifaceted onion with layers. However, Things I’m Thinking is really helping me figure out what my happy medium is, and I really want to grow this brand. So, I’m ramping up social platforms that I’ll be running in support of this blog. More on that a little later…

  2. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. I reread it almost every Christmas. I get something new out of it almost every time.

  3. I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order, in less than a minute, easily. Because in elementary school they taught us this song. And young minds are impressionable.

Now, the answers to the five questions that Stephanie asked me:

  1. Why did you decide to start a blog? Again, somewhat referenced in my very first blog post, but I had a LOT of feelings and needed to put them somewhere. Plus, words have always inspired me more than anything else, but in the mess of business school and full-time work, I wasn’t writing the way I used to (for myself, and nonstop) and instead was only storytelling for the sake of making a sale. So, I wanted to get back to my roots, and – best case scenario – start to build a platform that showcased my style and created more smiles.

  2. What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of this year? Back to my comment about resisting social media with a vengeance, I would love to give Things I’m Thinking a strong presence on Twitter (follow me below!), Pinterest (follow me below!), and Instagram by year-end (I’m actually taking an Instagram for Influencers course right now, gifted to me by a friend 🙂). I’m also working on a new novel, which I’ll plan to finish in a few months and would like to start querying by year-end. And, lastly, I want to keep producing words on this site that matter and help others in even the littlest ways.

  3. How are you doing in life? Really! [As in, are you where you hoped to be at this point in your life?] I was kind of insane growing up, so I definitely thought I’d be a Grammy-winning, Pulitzer-winning, screenwriting novelist with a crazy NYC apartment and a husband and babies and book club by 40. Well, I’m still kind of crazy and have 11 years to go so…just keep swimming 🙂

  4. Do you have a “go to song” or band? I love Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson and to prevent this post from going on forever, let’s just say everything Motown and Motown adjacent. I also love Bruno Mars. NSYNC and Britney will always matter. Can Danity Kane come back?

  5. What is a guilty pleasure you have? Reality TV. But I don’t really feel guilty about that…unless it’s like, Summer House or Southern Charm New Orleans. Then I feel pretty guilty.


And, now, the best part! Here is who I’m nominating next:

  1. Chelsea of “thedancingrunner” – I’m obsessed with this blog and the fact that Chelsea is the runner that I will never, ever (like, EVER) be.

  2. Courtney of “Collectively Courtney” – I stumbled upon this site and was amazed by how similar our stories were. I’ve been a fan ever since.

  3. Victoria of “@inspiredbytor” – Victoria’s interview with her mom was what inspired me to interview my own parents! One of my favorite posts, yet, on Things I’m Thinking

And ok, ladies, here are my questions for you:

  1. How long did you think about starting a blog before you finally did it?

  2. What’s your main motivation for blogging your way through life?

  3. What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

  4. What’s the one thing you need to accomplish in 2018 for this year to feel like a success?

  5. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever bought?


*Phew* I think I checked all the boxes? Is there a follow up award for following instructions??

Be well

Xo Charlene

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