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Recipe: Things I’m Cooking – Holiday Edition

I. Am. SHOOK that the holidays are already over. I am not physically or emotionally ready for this, guys. And, basically, what I mean by that is that naps are very important to me.

However, in the spirit of *positive energy*, let’s relive the holidays collectively right now with some pictures of food! I cooked so much and it was all so good and that makes me so happy. In fact, my cousins even thought that my world-famous (do 20 or so people count as “the world”?) pretzels were STORE-BOUGHT. Like, Utz made them, or something. That’s like a publicly traded company, guys! I’ve never been so flattered.

But I never could have done it without my recipes! So, let’s keep this simple, shall we? Pics and links to the recipes I used below. I strongly recommend every single thing, so you and your friends and your gym membership can thank me now!

Crack Pretzels!

crack pretzels_2

Recipe: Can be found in this post!

Loaded Potato Chip Dip!

loaded potato chip dip

Recipe: Can be found on Tasty, here!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip!

spinach and artichoke dip

I’ve made this with the bread mentioned in the directions, and without. Delicious, either way!

Recipe: Can be found on Tasty, here!

Deviled Eggs!

deviled eggs

Recipe: Can be found on Tasty, here!

Spicy Italian Meatballs!


Recipe: Can be found in this post!

Monkey Bread!

monkey bread

Recipe: Can be found from Pillsbury, here!

Salt and Pepper Shrimp!

salt and pepper shrimp

Recipe: Can be found on Tasty, here!

Egg Salad!

egg salad sandwich

Recipe: Can be found on All Recipes, here!

So much holiday yumminess. I have no words. Just <333333

Happy cooking!!

Xo Charlene

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