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Review: Anejo Tribeca, NYC

Hi. I went to brunch on Saturday and that’s important because it was delicious.

I’m not going to inundate you with words about this spectacular brunch experience because a picture is worth a thousand words, BUT here are some key things I must note for the sake of *journalism*:

  1. This is Anejo Tribeca

  2. The brunch deal is all you can eat tapas and all you can drink cocktails for two hours for $47 (aka, free in NYC)

  3. All you can drink cocktails is actually cocktails and not just mimosas (although I’m not here to shade mimosas). Margaritas and sangria were also options. That’s big for a bottomless brunch, folks

  4. They believe in late-90s/early-00’s playlists, and how ironic because so do I

Ok, so now that the facts have been stated, please enjoy the drool-worthy pictures I managed to take of the food we didn’t gobble up too fast for me to document.

Happy eating and I hope you smile today ❤

Xo Charlene

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