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Review: Bling Lash, NYC

I would like to take a moment to shout out Bling Lash on 23rd and 5th for being a magical oasis tucked away in the jungle-like throngs of NYC. From the street, the location is basically nonexistent (as in, I went to the wrong little doorway before I ended up at the right little doorway and found my way to the second floor), but that only made it feel more like Narnia once I finally walked inside. I’d never been before, but our lovely partners at Twitter invited me along for some mani/pedi relationship building, and what kind of girl says no to relationship building??

Our technicians were amazing, they sell wine if you want it, and I ended the day with a complimentary massage. So…yeah, I’m living right now. And, just as (or maybe even more?) significantly, this was truly the biggest, most calming salon (spa?/beauty bar?/who needs labels?) I’ve ever been to in NYC. Pics below to prove it.


Highly recommend if you’re looking for good vibes to complement your nails did/hair did/treat yourself moments. You deserve a You Day.

Xo Charlene

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