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Review: Blue Smoke, NYC

Since BBQ is not often enough treated as the gender-neutral experience that it deserves to be, one of my girlfriends and I decided to have a dainty little (HA!) dinner at Blue Smoke before heading to our friend’s birthday party the other night.

Blue Smoke totes itself as “a barbecue restaurant rooted in the culinary traditions of the American South and raised in New York City.” Now, even though I don’t consider myself to be a southern girl, my dad always reminds me I’m an Alabamian once removed (or however that works when your dad is from some place you’re not?) so I’m down to reconnect with my roots every now and then! Cue some ‘cue.

So, we got there around 5pm on a Thursday, and within 30 minutes the place was pretty packed-in-a-good-way, so you may or may not want to get a reservation if you want to play it safe. We had the macaroni and cheese, hush puppies, the smoked chicken wings, and drankz. It was all SO GOOD. Especially the mac and cheese. Give me some good mac and cheese and I can forgive/love you through just about anything.

Pics below!


Totally worth a repeat visit. Blue Smoke, I’ll come back to you ❤

Xo Charlene

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