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Review: La Sirena, NYC

Not really sure how I didn’t know that La Sirena is a thing, considering it’s right across the street from Chelsea Market and everyone else seems to know it exists, but you aren’t living if you aren’t learning and so here we are!

I loved the vibes of this place! It’s half outside, but the good kind of outside where you have to go up a flight of steps in order to get there, which means you aren’t jammed into the far corner of a crazy NYC sidewalk. You’re above it all. So it’s expansive and not overcrowded and perfect.

Additionally, the wait-staff was fun, which is always ideal because I can be a bit chatty. The food was great and, despite the “$$$” indicator on Google (which is usually code for me to stay away), there were a number of affordably priced food and drink options for those of us who fall more so into the Commoner Camp.

Overall, just a chic and cool spot to kick back for a few hours! Will be back, and I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit, if you’ve never been 🙂

Pics below to convince you.


Xo Charlene

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