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Review: Maysville, NYC


I ate at a new restaurant 🙂

It’s called Maysville and I found it completely on accident when it was Saturday and I was attempting to find a reservation for brunch-ish time in Flatiron on Sunday. For those of you who are fans of adventure novels and gripping tales of trials and tribulations, this would be considered a nearly impossible feat.

Fortunately, I believe in miracles so OFF I WENT.

About 15 (fully booked) restaurants into my search, I stumbled upon Maysville. They served food (check) and booze (great) and had an open table before 5pm (DONE). Considering myself *blessed* I booked and kept my expectations optimistically middle-of-the-road.

But, as you know by now, I don’t post negative reviews on this blog, which means this is a GOOD review, which means MAYSVILLE IS GOOD. It was so good! It’s a whiskey bar, American food, cute and almost prohibition-y vibe on the inside, with biscuits that are ridiculous and bacon so good that it’s dumb.

(But I primarily had the avocado toast because have you ever known anyone healthier???)

Pics below to prove it happened!

Happy munching, friends.

Xo Charlene

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