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Review: TBD, NYC

Mainly I just love the name of this place.

Also, the food was amazing.

If you read my earlier post, then you know I have a new job, and although I’ve been living in NYC for two years, I wasn’t actually working in NYC until I got this new job. And even though I am very excited about my much-improved commute, I also promised myself that I WOULD NOT eat out for lunch every day because even though money is made of paper it does not grow on trees, people!

However, the exception to this rule was obviously going to be my first day on the job and, thus, we ended up at TBD.

TBD stands for The Bar Downstairs. It’s literally downstairs (below street level) and gives very strong wine cellar vibes when you walk inside. Which, I’m sure we can all agree, is a positive thing/environment that deserves our appreciation and respect.

I would also like to make a personal shout out to the littleneck clam flatbread I had which was insanely delicious and pictured below.

Nice, quick, delicious workday lunch in NYC. An experience I swear to save for special occasions moving forward 🙂

Xo Charlene

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