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Review: The Voice, etc.

Tonight, I watched The Voice (for as long as I could until Vanderpump Rules came on because I’m loyal/only human, what can I say).

Does anyone else watch The Voice?

The Voice, for me, is like a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks. (Because edible? Highly caloric? An overly literal title? NOPE.) Because I would never go out of my way to find a Starbucks to get myself a caramel Frappuccino. BUT, when I remember it’s real and actually think to order one, it’s always good.

So tonight I stumbled upon The Voice and, per usual, it was good! So I’d like to chat about it (and related topics) for a sec.

FIRST OFF, John Legend is on this season! I will admit, I knew that because Chrissy Teigen(‘s Twitter account) told me that. But I also realized something weird tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever totally heard…John…speak? I know that’s impossible but also maybe it’s not?? Anyways, upon hearing John officially speak for the first time, I’ve decided he sounds like perhaps the wisest soothsaying palm-reader in all the land. I mean this as a compliment. Tell me my future, John!

john legend the voice

SECOND OFF, Together Again by Janet Jackson doesn’t get enough credit. Or maybe it did at a time and I was too busy being a toddler to realize it. Either way, it’s amazing and how cute is this girl bopping around to some feel good Janet jams?? Also, for some reason, T-Boz and Chilli from TLC FaceTimed her right before she performed?? Not sure what that’s about, but cool!

THIRD OFF, I’m worried about the repercussions of this admission, but…I think I like Beatles songs better when the Beatles aren’t the ones singing them? (Also, this is not a question and for sure a fact, but I’m trying to lessen the odds that a Beatles fan mob cyber attacks me tonight.) I think the point is that I feel like the Beatles have INCREDIBLE songs and INCREDIBLE lyrics and those songs and lyrics are exponentially more incredible when other great singers who are not the Beatles are singing them. Like these humans below. Can someone please get these two a joint album and a baby ASAP?

FOURTH OFF, apparently there is a movie coming out called Yesterday and The Voice used that lovely, afore-placed duet to inform me of this fact. And I’ve decided that this Yesterday movie looks real cute to me so I’m sure I will see it within the next year or so ❤️ Check the preview (unless you’ve already seen it, because apparently the video below is already three months old and, yet again, I live under a rock):

And those are my thoughts on The Voice for now! Until my next Frappucino…

Xo Charlene

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