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Thoughts: Dreamers

dream on

It can be hard to be a dreamer.

To want something uncommon, do something uncommon, be something uncommon. To express a desire towards achieving something that not everyone has, or will, or can. It can be hard defending your ability, or your aspirations, or your vision.

Dream, anyways.

It can be hard to speak up for yourself.

To defend the choices you’re making, to be proud of the things that you’re doing, to embrace the path that you’re taking. Especially amongst a group of people who would rather giggle than understand.

Speak up, anyways.

It can be hard to be more than ordinary.

To have a different story to tell, to hope for the world’s support, to hope for your friends’ support. To believe you will receive it, and then you don’t. To hope that they will cheer for you, and they won’t.

Be more, anyways.

And when your shine starts to dim because their skepticism starts to stick, their jokes start to hurt, their laughs begin to echo, find your fellow dreamers. Not everyone you know can be one. Don’t be angry at them for that; don’t doubt yourself because of it. Just know that everybody can’t be everything to you.

Then dream.

And shine.

Until your brightness blinds us all.

Xo Charlene

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