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Thoughts: Happy birthday, Things

As I read the email from WordPress, thanking me for my auto-drafted annual payment (the kind you always forget you ever okayed in the first place), it dawned on me what “annual” means.



I’m a proud mama right now.

As many of you already know (and all of you could easily figure out, if you went far enough back in my posts), I started Things because I was struggling through a breakup, because I didn’t recognize that level of sadness on myself, because I’m a hopeful and dream-filled and fast-typing girl who busts her ass and wishes on stars and will always skew towards believing that we’re designed to be capable. I knew I wasn’t the only one.

And, thus, Things was born.

In honor of this momentous occasion (pop bottles!), I’ve decided that, first, I want to share some of the stats that you contributed to:


And, on top of that, Things officially has 125 subscribers and 500+ likes! P.S. – I’m not totally sure who’s ever visiting this site at 1am on Monday mornings (besides me when I’m procrastinating bedtime) but thank you, and I will never judge your content consumption habits ❤️

Secondly, I thought I would use this opportunity to re-share five of my all-time favorite posts from the past year. And, spoiler alert, the main reason why these posts were my favorites is because they were yours:

  1. Gaps

  2. Jars

  3. Parental Advice

  4. How the Strong Survive

  5. Everything You Did

Thank you so much to everyone who has spent his or her time reading, commenting, relating to my words, thanking me for them. If Things ever helped you at all – made you smile, gave you strength, distracted you at 1am when you should have been sleeping – then it’s done its job. I started Things so it would exist for me, but I continued it so it would exist for all of us.

Here’s to the next 365.

Xo Charlene

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