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Thoughts: London

Hi, hi, HI!

First, I want to apologize, because I know I’ve been MIA lately. BUT, that’s only because I was legitimately in an actual foreign country.

I just got back from ENGLAND. Mainly, London. And also Stonehenge (aliens did it).

I’d never been to London before, but I do enjoy their accents and responsibly tuned into both royal weddings so WHAT was I even waiting for?? Life is short and we will never have the money and time that we wish we had in order to feel like travel is the right choice, but we MUST do it, anyways.

And look at me now! I’ve returned from my trip across the pond and have discovered that London is maybe my new favorite city.


  1. The trip from NYC to London is NOTHING. Hop on a plane, take a nap, get two delicious (HA) airfood meals served to you, watch a movie (or, in my case, write some more of your book) and BOOM. You’re there.

  2. London is a fully modern, actual city that reminded me of DC at some points and Chicago at others and even parts of NYC at times. I LOVE cities, guys.

  3. BUT, London doesn’t act all high-strung like our American cities. At least, not in front of me. People aren’t rushing about and getting annoyed when you’re walking too slowly in front of them. They aren’t constantly on their cell phones stressing about something. I might even go so far as to say that Londoners get to live in a city and have balance in their lives! MAGIC.

  4. The architecture is stupid gorgeous and if anyone has ever built an ugly building there, I didn’t see it.

  5. The Tube (their subway, metro, etc.) is actually clean and calm and runs on time and no one is going nuts and it’s totally affordable. (I think? Honestly, I was so excited when I got to London that I just blindly swiped my credit card for the nearest Oyster pass.)

  6. Their cabs still look like they came from the 1920s.

  7. It’s truly global. I met a million more London transplants than London natives while I was there. Which did mean that I heard less British accents than I wanted to, but I’m gonna stand on the right side of history with this one and say DIVERSITY is what’s up.

  8. They don’t have A/C but sometimes they do. Is this a reason why I liked London? No. But do you need to know this is a thing? Yes.

To prepare for this trip, I spent a ton of time asking and googling what to do before I went, and established quite the shortlist. But it required tapping into multiple different sources. So, below is a list of things I actually accomplished, all of which I would highly recommend, in case you ever go to London, too:

  1. Stonehenge (we used this tour service)

  2. Buckingham Palace

  3. Kensington Palace

  4. Westminster Abbey

  5. Abbey Road

  6. Big Ben (kind of. It’s under construction. Literally walked past it without realizing I even did.)

  7. The London Eye

  8. The Tate Modern

  9. The Natural History Museum

  10. The Portrait Gallery

  11. London Bridge (no, it did not fall down)

  12. Tower of London

  13. Shoreditch (it’s a vibe. Basically Brooklyn’s relationship to Manhattan, both culturally and distance-wise). And, in Shoreditch, went to…

  14. Box City (a very cool food court meets bar)

  15. Ballie Ballersons (a bar with ball pits for big kids!)

  16. Blue’s Kitchen (an “American” jazz bar with live music and a menu I wish I’d been hungry enough to try)

  17. Dishoom (best Indian food in London according to everyone)

  18. Prezzo (a restaurant by The Portrait Gallery that I actually felt was yummy enough to mention here)

And even with all of that, I still have things I wish I’d had time to do.

So…guess I’m going back?

(So. Many.) Pics to prove it happened ❤

Wishing you only the happiest adventures.

Xo Charlene

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